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Retail, Field,Tactical, Promotional & Visual

All These Techniques Are Designed To Stimulate Interest & Entice Customer

All WMB merchandising specialists are extensively trained to aid your retail needs, deliver within deadline and most importantly exceed your expectations!

Opening / Closures

From first merch for a store opening to aiding stock exit for a store closure.

WMB staff have the experience for you.

Range Review

Merchandising Range Reviews is the core of operation for WMB.

Range reviews are not only correct product placement with correct labels, they are minimal impact to customers, delivered to a high standard & on schedule.



Additional Labour

Short term, motivated & experienced staff. Skilled roles included: FLT, PPT & Siers


Long Term Staff

Visual Merchandising

WMB teams are masterminds behind the intriguing window displays, elaborate holiday decorations

or in-store displays.

Both goods and services displayed to highlight their features and benefits.

The purpose is to attract, engage and motivate the customers towards entering the establishment and making a purchase.

Field Merchandising

Regionally based staff throughout the UK

WMB Field Merchandisers are able to demonstrate products with researched knowledge and willing to answer any questions.

They can complete audits on sites desired

and place orders where needed.

Maximise Your Space

Our innovative approach to product placement and shelf layout, is designed to maximise product sales and reduce

stock holdings.

Our teams will work with you to ensure all your needs and requirements are catered for.

Competitive Prices

WMB understand that the Merchandising market is a saturated one.

We pride ourselves on having highly trained staff, in a wide variety of skills, at the most competitive prices!

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